Have you checked the condition of your ladies walking shoes recently? With Spring upon us, you may be seriously thinking about realising those dreams to get out and about in the countryside moreso, thus creating your very own walking experiences!  Indeed, this may prompt you to think very carefully about the shoes and boots that you choose to wear which, for many of you at least, will mean selecting comfortable ladies walking shoes!  If this is the case, you may wish to consider the Grisport range of ladies walking shoes.

Walking outdoors, maybe with pet dog, family members or perhaps both, can of course be a very enjoyable and therapeutic experience and it’s worth noting, as experts regularly inform us, that exploring the countryside does bring with it many health benefits too!  It shouldn’t be overlooked however that it’s very important to ensure your feet will be warm, dry and comfortable, each and every time you venture outdoors, enjoying your ladies walking shoes.

Before thinking about buying a new pair of ladies walking shoes, there are a number of factors you should perhaps consider:

  • what your budget is – and how much you are prepared to pay?
  • whether you prefer walking shoes or walking boots.
  • whether your preference is for leather or fabric.
  • what colour and design you will look for –  plain or jazzy?

The guide below examines two very popular examples of ladies walking shoes produced by Grisport.  It aims to highlight the specific features of  Grisport ladies walking shoes and identify, if any, ‘pitfalls’ that may exist.

1. Magma-Lo Grisport Ladies Walking Shoes

Magma-Lo Walking ShoeThe Magma-Lo ladies walking shoe, (pictured above),is a lightweight walking shoe designed for everyday walking, trekking and hiking. Manufactured using top quality fabrics, this walking shoe is sturdy and offers great stability. There are many key features of this ladies walking shoe, including its amazing comfort – straight from the box!  The Magma-Lo Sole Unitunique five layer sole unit by Grisport, enables this shoe to provide great arch support, guaranteeing a ‘cushioned’ walk.

To help avoid injury when out walking, it is important that the walking shoes you wear give you sufficient stability. The Grisport Magma-lo ladies walking shoes offer fantastic stability as a result of the dense PU layer within the sole unit, and this prevents the sole from twisting or moving when you walk over rocky ground, helping to keep you safe. The Magma-lo shoe also has a hiking vibram sole unit, which is a well-known, popular sole unit, made from slip and shock proof rubber. This, in turn, offers great support when walking on rough, rocky or uneven surfaces or slippery slopes.Traction

The Vibram sole design is unique to Grisport. It has large lugs for grip, an added large ‘contact toe’ for traction, which assists up-hill walking, and it also boasts a ‘brake pad’ on its heel for that all important extra support. BrakeThis low cut walking shoe is fully waterproof and breathable thanks to a ‘Gritex’ membrane.

For some walkers blisters can occur and can be problematic, tending to flare up on toes, heels or arches which have been rubbing on a seam. If you do suffer with blisters when out walking, then you may be happy to hear that the Magma-Lo has a padded sown in tongue and a padded ankle collar, providing extra cushioning, and a seamless inner.  Plus, with the self-locking, quick hook lacing system, and round laces, it is possible to slip in and out of these walking shoes with ease!

Magma-Lo Ladies Walking ShoesThe only slight downfall that one or two customers have identified with this walking shoe is the extra loop on the heel of the shoe! (Please see picture to the left). There’s no real purpose for this loop except style! However, this could be removed quite easily if necessary.

These ladies walking shoes are in the middle price bracket, ranging from £60.00 up to £75.00, depending on where you shop.  So, if you are seeking a pair of walking shoes that will last for many, many miles, are comfortable and indeed offer great support when walking, then these shoes are definitely worth every penny!  Incidentally, they are available in Pink or Lime.

2. Grisport Dartmoor Ladies Walking Shoes

Grisport Dartmoor Walking ShoeIf you are looking for something that is slightly more conservative looking but still as comfortable as the Magma-Lo, then try Grisport Dartmoor ladies walking shoes. (Picture above) Made from top quality italian leather, these walking shoes are soft, supple and will certainly give you the stability you need. With a sown in waterproof tongue, these walking shoes will keep out any debris when out on rough terrain. An additional benefit of the Dartmoor shoe is the Cordura lining. Cordura fabric makes this product more durable as it is resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions. With a tough nylon material padding on the ankle, this walking shoe won’t rub or cause blisters.

Grisport Dartmoor Sole UnitThe Dartmoor walking shoe has a rugged, Vibram sole unit. With wide lugs for extra grip and stability, this shoe is ideal for hiking or walking on rough grounds.

Other key features of the Grisport Dartmoor ladies walking shoe are:

  • a Spo-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Steel lace hooks for long lasting wear
  • Five layer sole unit for comfort

Available in black or brown and with a price ranging from £63.00 up to £79.00, (depending on where you shop), these shoes are definitely worth considering and adding to your outdoor walking attire!