Don’t dress like Guy Fawkes – instead check out our top winter picks!

With November 5th rapidly approaching and the evenings getting colder, maybe it’s time to start thinking about what to wear for the forthcoming November extravaganza!

Cosy Winter Shirts

Hoggs of Fife Bracken fleece shirtYou may think that a traditional cotton shirt doesn’t really provide much warmth, but the Hoggs of Fife Bracken fleece back shirt is not only warm but it also feels cosy against the skin. Designed to include a traditional check pattern, the Bracken shirt really does look fantastic when worn with a pair of stone-wash jeans or moleskin trousers. Alternatively, the Hoggs of Fife Birch fleece shirt offers a lighter coloured check.

Hoggs of Fife Alba Shirt

Perfect for ladies, is the Hoggs Alba blouse! This superb blouse is available in soft autumnal check and has a soft jersey lining along with a nice long length, so that it can be easily and comfortably ‘tucked in’ to a pair of moleskin jeans.

Often, jersey lined blouses are preferred by country sports enthusiasts as they glide more freely over thermal base-layers. (With fleece lined shirts however, the friction between the fleece and base-layers of the fabric can be rather restrictive!)

The Hoggs Alba blouse is of a good weight and will fit perfectly under a shooting jacket or waistcoat.

Mid-Weight and Chunky Fleece Jackets

Fleece fabric has amazing warming capabilities without being too heavy. This is why so many outdoor enthusiasts love to wear fleece jackets to stay warm when out in the countryside.

Target Dry Radiant Fleece Jacket

Target Dry Radiant Fleece Jacket PlumThe Target Dry Radiant fleece Jacket for ladies is a mid-weight fleece jacket available in two colours – Navy and Plum. This is a stylish full length fleece with a sporty feel. Designed with a high collar, scooped back, double cuffs for warmth and side pockets, the Radiant fleece is simply perfect as an outer jacket or even as a layer under a waterproof jacket.

Hoggs of Fife Ghillie Fleece Jacket

For the discerning gentleman, what about the Hoggs of Fife Ghillie fleece jacket? This is a luxury quilted padded fleece jacket that has been designed with extra detailing for style!  The Ghillie fleece is a lightweight yet extremely warm fleece, that offers essential protection when out in the cold. Designed with various inner and outer pockets, and a high collar, the Ghillie fleece is just perfect for those chilly mornings and those even colder evenings.

Words of warning:

Remember not to get too close to any open fire on Guy Fawkes night as fleece is extremely flammable!


Essential Accessories for Guy Fawkes night

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We hope you have a great bonfire night and to help you to do so, don’t forget to keep your head, hands, ears and feet warm and cosy all night long!  We have a fantastic range of winter hats, fleece-lined ear protectors, woolly socks, lined boots and padded gloves, all available now!

Check out our range of winter hats, cosy socks, comfy gloves and waterproof ‘thinsulate’ boots!

We hope you and yours have a fantastic and very enjoyable Guy Fawkes night!

Be warm, cosy and stylish but, most importantly, be safe!