Meanswear Collections

Spring has sprung, we have fantastic blue skies and, at last, it’s warm enough to peel off a few layers and relax in the garden, perhaps enjoying a nice, cool, iced tea!

So, with winter over and tweed jackets put away, (well, hopefully!), then out come the lighter garments, such as microfleeces or gilets.

Out of the direct sunlight however, the air can still be quite chilly at this time of the year, so a ‘lightweight’ layer is often needed!

Lightweight Waistcoats

Lightweight waistcoat or gilet offer warmth on the back and kidney area without being too bulky. The Hoggs of Fife Lightweight quilted waistcoat acts as a layer which can be worn on its own over a tattersall shirt, or as an extra layer under a jacket, on colder mornings.

The Sherwood Forest Tatton microfleece waistcoat is a smarter garment, made from smooth microfleece fabric with a brown suede trim, and is suitable for attending country shows, or venturing out to the cattle market.

Waistcoats or gilet are available in different weights and styles. From multi-pocket gilet suitable for fishing or hunting,  such as the Sherwood Boyer gilet, to padded quilted waistcoats for farming and stable work e.g. Edinburgh waistcoat.


Fleeces offer many benefits and one main feature is the lightweight fabric which works really well to keep you warm on those chillier days. Microfleeces are fantastic garments that are available in various styles, colours and designs  with either a ‘full length zip’ or a ‘half length zip’, depending upon your preference.

So, microfleeces are simply great when out and about in the countryside!  They easily pack away and are small enough to fit into a rucksack, ready to pull out when that gale starts blowing.  In addition, when not needed, they can be stored out of the way in the back of the car, ready to use as an emergency jumper!

So, if you are planning a hike out, then don’t forget to pack your microfleece!  Also, in preparation for your next hike, do consider whether you will need a new pair of walking boots? If so, check out our Grisport boots range!  If you prefer, we have a collection of mens and womens ‘closed-in’ sandals  offering extra protection when walking.

Something else to think about is our new and exciting Highlander ‘roll top’ daysacks. These are  available in three sizes with prices starting from just £14.50.  These are perfect for hiking, helping to keep your gear safe and dry, all day long!  Check them out!


Whatever your needs, shop our spring collection from Hoggs of Fife, Grisport boots, and Sherwood Forest clothing.