Do you have summer dog walking plans? Perhaps enjoying a part of the coastal path or enjoying a national trail forest walk?  Whatever your plans might be, it’s important to make sure you’re wearing the right clothing and footwear so that you are comfortable – and stylish!

Beach Walks

Trekker Shorts

Craghoppers Corey Microfleece







For Him:


landing-stage-sea-nature-beachThis collection of summer lightweight clothing is superb for beach walks and includes the Goodyear Congo hiking sandal. This is a lightweight, yet sturdy sandal with a closed front, for extra protection.

Also included is the Craghoppers Corey microfleece, which is a soft and comfortable base-layer that adds additional warmth when needed without adding ‘bulkiness’.  Plus it really is small enough to wrap up and fit into the Highlander Rockhopper Roll Top Rucksack.  This 12 litre Rockhopper rucksack is a fantastic ‘day sack’ and is made from a lightweight material with waterproof zips and a roll top closure. It is great for carrying a bottle of water too! (for you and your dog!). Of course, it can carry many other beach walking essentials too, such as  a baseball cap, dog treats and those all important ‘poo bags’. Plus there’s also plenty of room for the ‘Mac in a Sac’ Classic, which is included in the collection and comes complete with a handy carry pack.

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For Her:

sherwood-babworth-polomac_in_sac_purple__30233.1435144607.1280.1280Goodyear SandalsBrid Print Rucksack

This classic collection ‘for her’ will create a spectacular look on the beach or along the promenade.  The lightweight short sleeve Bramber polo t-shirt by Sherwood Forest, is made from 100% Polyester pique, which is very soft and smooth and is very comfortable to wear.  To complement your polo shirt, a nice pair of moleskin stretch jeans by Hoggs of Fife is included in the collection and these jeans are very stylish indeed and are available in various colours!  A classic ‘Mac in a Sac’ is added to your collection offering you that added protection in case there are heavy downpours, whilst the lightweight neck gaiter will help to keep that chill at bay!  To complete your collection, we have included a very fashionable ‘Bird Print Haversack’, to help carry all of your essentials!

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For Doggie:

dog-coatAntler Dog Chewsdog-toays

Of course, you must not forget to take those little treats for your trusted companion!  It goes without saying that keeping your pooch occupied on the beach is never difficult anyway, as there is so much to explore and play with but animal-dog-pet-brownsometimes a little bit of distraction may be needed!

An Antler dog chew or throw ball provides great ‘mind exercise’ for your dog, whether it be a toy that can be thrown in the sea for them to retrieve or perhaps a chew for them to gnaw on, to keep them quiet for quite a while! Another exciting distraction is the Nite Dawg LED soft disc which is great fun to play with as dusk skies approach. This toy is made from a soft flexible nylon fabric and lights up your space with its powerful LED lights. Dogs go mad for this toy – fantastic though, only if  your pooch DOESN’T enjoy ripping things to pieces!

As the night draws in and the windchill picks up from the sea, you may want to make sure your dog doesn’t get too cold too quickly – especially if he or she has been spending most of the day bouncing in and out of the sea, getting very wet. Well, a solution to this problem is the Ruff and Tumble dog drying coat, made from a double layer cotton towelling that’s extremely easy to fit  – and best of all, dogs simply love wearing them! This quality dog coat has a high absorption rate and will keep your dog cool and comfortable all night long, whilst he or she relaxes.

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So, please do stay safe, comfortable and content with our superb collection of summer clothing, footwear and accessories.

Make sure nothing stops you enjoying yourself when dog walking in the summer!