We all enjoy walking in the countryside, but we need to make sure the countryside remains beautifal so that we can enjoy it for many years to come.

The National England organisation, in consultation with Countryside Council for Wales have devised the following Countryside Code:

  1. Respect other people
  2. Protect the natural environment
  3. Enjoy the outdoors

Respect other people

Remember to consider the local community when out enjoying the countryside. Consider:

  • Don’t block driveways, paths, gateways with your vehicles
  • Drive slowly when travelling down countryside lanes and remember horses and farm animals may be on the roads
  • If cycling give way to walkers and horseriders
  • Work with farmers – keep out of the way when farm animals are being gathered or moved
  • Leave gates and property as you found them e.g. do not go down ‘No Entry – Private Road’
  • Leave gates as you found them, if closed keep closed

dogsign.jpgProtect the natural environment

Be responsible and follow the countryside code:

        • Do not leave litter or food behind
        • Do not remove stones, flowers or trees
        • Keep dogs under control at all times
        • Take notice of dog restrictions in specific areas – look out for notices
        • Clean up after your dog

Enjoy the great outdoors

Enjoy the countryside safely. Plan before you leave, even if it is a short local walk. Make sure you have the right equipment and clothing, as the weather can change very quickly.

  • Get up to date maps and/or guides to check whether routes are still open
  • Be careful around farm animals such as horses and cows as they can be unpredictable
  • Double check the weather forecast before venturing out – as major changes to the weather can be hazardous
  • Follow local advice and signs

For information about countryside symbols, check out the Countryside Council for Wales website.