Does taking my dog out everyday for a walk help me to lose calories and help to improve my overall health? …

…The simple answer is YES!

Dog Walking Calories Research Evidence

According to research, walking your dog everyday for 30 minutes has many health benefits including reducing the risk of diabetes. Further, you are 15% less likely to have high blood pressure, 30% less likely to have high cholesterol and 35% less likely to suffer from depression.

There are many other reasons too why dog owners should take their pet out:

  • the walk will make you feel happier generally
  • you’ll feel energised
  • you’ll feel much more relaxed
  • it helps you (and your dog) to de-stress

dog walking calories

Another positive reason for walking your dog during the daytime is to ensure you get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.  When the sunshine hits your skin your body converts UV rays into Vitamin D.  Now, we all need a good amount of vitamin D to help our bodies absorb calcium and phosphate directly from our diet. Calcium and phosphate minerals are considered very important to maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

But just how many calories can you lose when walking your dog for  30 minutes?

Well, calculating how many calories you’ll lose largely depends upon your weight and the speed you walk. The infographic below is based on a person who weighs 11.5 stone (160 pounds) who walks at varying speeds. As you will see, a slight increase in speed will help you to lose a lot more calories. Actually, if you walk 1 mile within 12 minutes (at 5mph), you can lose the same amount of calories that is equal to eating 6 jaffa cakes – 292 calories!  Imagine, if you walked one mile at 5mph every day for one month, you could potentially lose 8,760 calories which is approximately 2.5 pounds!

A University of Missouri study found that walking your dog can increase your walking speed by 28%, compared to just 4% if out walking with a friend. Yet another valid reason for walking your dog!

A regular routine with your dog will keep your pet healthier and happier – plus a regular walk will help you to bond more with your pet!

According to recent studies carried out by the RSPCA, 9 million families within the UK have a dog. But how many families actually walk their dog once or twice a day?  Sadly, studies have found that over 1 million dog owners neglect their pet by going to work and leaving their dog locked in a cage or room all day, without any mental stimulation or room to exercise.  It is highly recommended by  experts, that dogs, especially young dogs, have a minimum of 1 hour exercise each day to maintain a healthy body and mind.

There are many reasons why dog owners skip their daily dog walk:

  • unpleasant weather – too cold, too wet, too hot
  • laziness
  • work commitments
  • difficulty dealing with other dogs
  • family responsibilities – for example children’s swimming classes
  • being tired

What to wear

Many dog owners think that you need to spend a lot of money on the right gear to walk your dog. Whereas in essence, a good pair of dog walking boots, walking trainers or wellington boots (depending on where you live) along with waterproofs is all you really need.

You don’t need to spend a lot on getting the best equipment. As long as you have a good sturdy dog lead and, of course, a supply of poo bags then you are all set!



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