Do you ever wonder whether wearing a tie is really necessary? If so, what type, size, colour and knot-style do you wear? The guide that follows will look at the history of the traditional necktie and offer a break down of the various styles that may be worn when out and about pursuing country sports.

History of the Tie

Qin Shi Huang wearing a cloth tie

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Ties (or neckties) have been in and out of fashion for many a year! It appears that the ‘wrapped neck cloth’ was first worn by those in the  Terracotta Army in 210 BC – this is thought to have been the introduction of the ‘necktie’ as we know it today. So, the cloth tie is thought to have been worn as a badge of honour and used to show respect towards China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang!

The tradition of wearing a tie has been carried on for centuries with men, women and indeed children often wearing ties for both formal and informal occasions. We often think that a tie is generally worn by men, but some women do wear neckties as part of their formal uniform, for example air-stewardesses, waitresses and policewomen. Girls too wear ties when in primary and secondary school, as part of their school uniform.

There are many different types of ties available, which include:

  • silk ties
  • polyester ties
  • cravats
  • bow ties
  • clip on ties
  • washable ties
  • plain ties
  • stripe, spotty, colourful and plain ties
  • skinny ties
justin timberlake

It’s interesting to note that during the last 10 years, the ‘skinny tie’ has become very fashionable within the the music industry. Musicians such as Justin Timberlake and groups such as Oasis, have often been seen wearing black and skinny or bow ties! And of course, who could forget Frank Sinatra sporting a bow tie – or a traditional necktie during his many memorable performances!

The traditional tie has often been spotted adorning celebrities who are treading the red carpet, with the likes of Brad Pitt and Donald Trump trending this fashion!  It appears Donald Trump in particular enjoys wearing a very trendy pink traditional silk tie!

It’s also true to say that many female celebrities are ‘taken’ with the bow tie, with many such as Rihanna wearing a black bow tie during her last music video and it appears that some males, such as famous footballer David Beckham, quiet fancy wearing the stylish Cravat on occasion!

Why bother to wear a tie?

The traditional necktie is generally worn for formal occasions. For example, many professionals such as university and college lecturers, doctors and solicitors, often  wear a tie to show off their level of professional competence. Some even argue that wearing a necktie actualy builds confidence!

half windsor knot

The type of knot used will largely depend upon the situation or occasion the wearer finds him or herself in . There are many different types of knots and some of these are listed below:

  • Half Windsor knot – a large triangular knot – generally worn by people with a strong square or round face
  • Four in Hand knot – a simple schoolboy knot – suitable for a person with a short neck
  • Eldredge knot – suitable for festive occasions and evening entertainment (rather than for business meetings)
  • Pratt knot – suitable for most occasions. This was made famous by U.S. newsreader  Don Shelby!

Wearing a tie when out hunting!

Wearing a tie when hunting has been a tradition that has existed for many years. Members, farmers and visitors are requested to wear hunting stock (tie) when visiting a shoot. It is suggested that a white hunting tie (stock) is tied neatly around the neck and then held in place with a pin, to prevent it from flapping about!  Ready made stocks are available but not really recommended, as they don’t offer the same professional image!.

For less formal occasions however, there are a range of silk ties available. These silk ties offer a ‘smart’ shiney look, offering a fine addition to any person’s attire, in turn demonstrating elegancy and luxury! Please remember there are a range of silk ties currently available, all with various designs. Please click here to view our collection of country silk ties.

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