Our essential dog walking kit suggestions!

No matter what the weather or whatever the season, your dog is still going to need his or her walk. Think about it, whether torrential rain, frosty mornings or perhaps snow under foot, your four legged pal is likely to get wet when out and about. And, so are you!

The solution is having the right ‘dog walking kit’, that will include items to help keep you both warm and dry, whilst helping to keep that messy, annoying mud at bay!

1.Dog Drying Mitts

ruff and tumble dog drying mitts

Dog drying mitts are an essential piece of equipment to dry your dog after those wet and adventurous walks. Made from a soft towelling material, these mitts are a perfect size for rolling up into a rucksack or slipping into a jacket pocket when not in use.

Available in a range of colours – Dog Drying Mitts

2. Dog Drying Coat

dog drying coatIf your dog loves to swim in rivers or take a dip in a lake, then there’s always a worry that they might get too cold too quickly. Our dog drying coats will help! Made from a soft towelling fabric (the same fabric as the dog drying mitts), these coats are simply great for wrapping doggy up within minutes. The design is based on that of a horse blanket and they’re perfect for wet and muddy walks and bath time.  Plus, they’ll almost certainly love wearing them too!

So, whether looking for a dog drying coat for a small chihuahua or one for a Great Dane (plus everything in-between), we have one to fit. No dog too small or too big!

Available in a traditional Bottle Green or stylish Sandringham Blue – Dog Drying Coats

3. Doohickey Pet Tool


Doohickey Pet Tool

The Doohickey pet tool is an essential piece of dog walking kit. Made from stainless steel, this ‘four in one’ tool will prove to be just as useful as your dog’s lead is!

Weighing only 5oz (1g), this small handy tool includes a nail file to manage those broken nails, a burr comb and, very importantly, a tick remover.  Furthermore, for ease of use, this pet tool comes with a locking carabiner so it will attach securely to a backpack or a belt, with no problem at all.

No available online – Doohickey Pet Tool

4. Crinkler Dog Toy

eco friendly dog toys

This eco-friendly crinkle dog toy is a great flotation device that’s  great for exercising your pet. It’s made from four layers of a durable jute, that is stitched over a recycled plastic water bottle. The crinkle sound of the plastic bottle will keep your dog entertained and occupied for hours!

Available in two sizes – Crinkle Dog Toy

5. Hair and Lint Remover

Hair and Lint Remover Pet Tool

The Doohickery hair and lint remover tool is compact and will work on all fabrics.

There’s a comb on one side of the tool and grooves on the other, for quick and easy removal of hair and lint from all clothes, furniture or even car seats. The comb side is ideally used for heavier, denser fabrics such as wool, upholstery or denim, whilst the grooves side of the tool is perfect for t-shirts, blouses or other lighter fabrics.

Featuring a handy durable carabiner, this tool is perfect for clipping on your car keys fob or a rucksack.

Limited stock available – Doohickery Hair and Lint Remover Pet Tool

6. Boot Grippers

snow and ice grippers

These snow and ice grippers are essential during the winter month!  Make sure you stay on your feet during the coldest and harshest of weathers with these easy to put on grippers –  plus they are lightweight!

Made from a durable rubber material with steel spikes carefully located on the ball of your foot, these grippers will fit over wellington boots, walking boots or even your work shoes!

No more slipping and sliding across difficult ground!

Make sure they’re part of your dog walking kit  – and stay on your feet! –  Snow & Ice Grippers

7. Pet Glow Light

Pet Glow Light

These pet glow lights, for your pup’s collar, are both lightweight and durable. They have many uses but are just perfect as a dog safety collar light. They’re also great for bicycle tail lights or for walkers to wear generally, clipping easily onto a backpack or even on a key fob, to use as a flashlight.

Make sure your pet is seen by motorists with this high visibility light, which is normally visible for up to half a mile. Let your pet enjoy their freedom even when it’s dark!

Available in a range of colours – Pet Glow Light

8. Womens Beaufort Sunset Jacket

Womens waterproof beaufort jacket

The Beaufort jacket for ladies is stylish and practical and offers great protection from the elements whilst also keeping you warm.

Designed with a lightweight yet warm quilted inner lining, along with a full hood, this superb jacket also features a range of pockets including an inner zipped pocket, offering plenty of space to carry treats, poo bags or your mobile phone.

Make sure you are ‘seen and safe’ when you’re out and about walking your dog during the Winter months.

The ‘Target Dry’ Beaufort jacket is available in bright sunset colours – Womens Beaufort Jacket

9.  Hoggs of Fife Braemar Wellington Boots

hoggs of fife braemar wellington bootsWhat’s better than a good pair of comfortable wellies when walking through long wet grass or along muddy paths?

The Hoggs of Fife Braemar wellington boots are classic traditional wellies made from 100% rubber. With a side strap and cotton inner lining, these wellies really are designed for comfort. They are lightweight and are available in two classic colours.

Available in Olive Green and Blue – Hoggs of Fife Braemar wellington boots

10. Waterproof Gloves

waterproof gloves

There’s nothing worse than walking your pet on a lead when your hands feel freezing cold and wet!

Although normal ‘thinsulate’ knitted gloves can be great when out on walking on dry and cold days, they can be quite slippy when they’re wet.  Not good for holding a secure grip on doggy’s lead!

Therefore, the gloves shown in the picture above are fully waterproof and are just what you need in your dog walking kit!  Made from a unique three layer construction (from a fabric that’s similar to wet suit material), these great waterproof gloves are warm and are comfortable to wear –  and they’re 100% waterproof!  Plus, they have a ‘dimpled’ palm and fingers in their design to give you better grip of your dog’s lead!

Available in Black, Olive and Camo – Waterproof Gloves

Well, we hope there are some useful ideas above that you may wish to consider when putting your own ‘dog walking kit’ together!  Some great dog walking gift ideas too!

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or queries about our dog walking kit items – or indeed about any other items in our range too!  We’ll be glad to help!