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There may be exciting times ahead, whether it be a family camping holiday in Skegness, a holiday with friends in the Isle of Man, an all-female walking holiday in Portugal, or perhaps a ‘gap’ year out from Uni, to tour those inviting countries dotted around the globe. What really matters though is having the right – perhaps essential – equipment in your travel pack, for reasons of both enjoyment and safety!

Weight and sufficient space is essential when packing your rucksack, backpack or holdall. There’s nothing worse than walking around a major city or beauty spot for example, trying to enjoy the culture, sights and history whilst struggling with a heavy, awkward pack on your pack.

So, to help you out, we have carefully selected our top 6 space-saving items of equipment that should ideally be included in your travel pack:

Space-Saving Item Number 1

Essential kit for any travel pack - The SporkIs it a spoon, fork or a knife? Well, actually its all three! No need to carry all three though, or buy the old fashioned knife, fork and spoon set that awkwardly clip together! No, all you need is the Spork, which is a heavy duty knife, fork and spoon ‘all in one’. The Sea to Summit Delta Spork is extremely lightweight weighing at only 5oz. (See picture on the left). Extremely tough and durable and made from ‘Nylon 66’, the Spork is an essential piece of equipment for any travel pack. No more worries about burning your fingers when eating from the camp fire, just because you didn’t want the extra weight of carrying a full cutlery set, instead simply use a Spork!  You could even tuck it in to one of the side pockets of your rucksack, giving you easy access when you need to use it!

Space Saving Item No 2

There’s nothing worse than buying a local tea or coffee that is ‘too strong’, ‘too weak’, too milky’, or perhaps ‘not milky enough’ when on holiday!  Carrying a heavy camping kettle around can be difficult as well, especially if you have to keep an eye on the kids running about everywhere. Imagine for example heading for the beach carrying a beach ball, a bucket and spade, a full cooler box and struggling with a windbreak and a bag full of swimming togs and towels!  It’s fair to say, carrying any extra weight really is not welcomed, so leave the camping kettle at home and instead consider an alternative!  We suggest therefore that you carefully think about the silicone folding kettle.

This new folding silicone camping kettle is a must to include in any camping or travel pack. Weighing at 380grams, this collapsible kettle reduces the amount of space needed by 50%. Measuring at a height of 14.5cms when extended, and 6.5cm when folded, this kettle will fit snuggly into any rucksack or holdall with ease. Plus, with a foldaway handle, this kettle is safe to use on any camping gas cooker.

Space Saver Item No 3

Whether climbing Everest or hiking up Tryfan, (which is, incidentally, the  only mountain in Wales where you need to use your hands and feet to reach the top), the weight of your kit is really important. However, if you have ever tried eating traditional backpackers dry food, you may, as many of us do, prefer to ‘dine’ on your own small tin of baked beans. But do you really want the bother of having to carry a traditional can opener?

Gi Army Can OpenerWhy not consider the army GI Can Opener. (See picture above).  Measuring 5cm (2inch) in length, this can opener will either tuck nicely into one of the pockets in your travel pack or fit nicely on your key chain or even in your pocket. This is an ‘easy to use’ can opener, that is lightweight yet tough. Plus, it’s a handy bottle opener too!

Space Saver Item No 4

There’s nothing worse than spending time and effort barbequing a juicy piece of steak or  your vegetables on an open fire but then, guess what, you purposely didn’t take the salt and pepper cruet set with you, because you were worried about breakages or perhaps the contents getting wet!Salt and Pepper Shaker  Well, look no further as this problem is now resolved!

Check out this handy Salt and Pepper shaker! (see picture to the left).The product has a dual compartment, each with individual sprinkle holes, and due to the tough plastic construction, you will be guaranteed to have just what you need to add to your tasty food each and every time. If you prefer though, why not substitute the salt for your favourite mixed spice, such as, for example, Montreal Steak spice. Whatever you decide, this is a really handy product!  Due to it’s tough construction, this Salt and Pepper shaker is moisture resistant, (although not actually waterproof) so it is recommended that you store it somewhere dry.

Space Saver Item No 5

Drinking plenty of water before, during and after a walk is so important to keep your body Liquid Pouchhydrated  – and to prevent illnesses such as cramp, muscle pain, fatigue and feeling nausea. As you exercise the body looses water through sweating and increased respiration. Therefore remaining hydrated is vital! Therefore, another essential piece of equipment for your travel pack is the roll up water bottle/liquid pouch. This handy roll up water bottle will hold up to 480ml of liquid and will easily attach to your rucksack or backpack by its karabina. (see the picture to the right).

This water bottle is lightweight and easy to refill. Once empty, simply roll it up and slip it into the side pocket of your bag, for easy access, ready for when you reach a natural spring to refil it.

Plus if you are expecting a hot day, you could always fill the water bottle with your choice of liquid and pop it in the fridge over night, resulting in a nice ice cold drink ready, for the hot and humid climb or walk ahead.

Space Saver Item No 6

Don’t add weight by packing your rucksacks or travel packs with lots of high energy drinks and food bars just to keep your energy level up.  Instead, just make sure you have a couple of bars of Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake!  Packed tight with energy, Romney Kendal Mint Cake bars will get you to the top of Everest, or any climb/hike of your choice, (Of course, in your highly recommened Grisport boots!),  no problem!

Kendal Mint CakeHopefully you will see just how much space you can save with our suggested items of “space-saving equipment” for your Travel Packs. To view our full range, check out our Space Saving Equipment collection.

So, whatever you decide to do, wherever your designated destination, we really hope you  enjoy your newly focused ‘light weight’ travel experience!