One of the best things about going on a road trip is you can just throw everything in the car and you are on your way!

Are you ready to hit the road? Here are our top tips for having a comfortable and enjoyable road trip! If you are missing any essentials, check out our

1. Suitable shoes

Pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes, this will be dependent on how much walking or hiking you plan to do. Shop here for shoes and even a suitable bag to carry them in.

If you struggle to find a comfortable pair of shoes or perhaps you suffer with pains in your legs check out our blog on FIVE Essential Features of Comfortable Walking Boots

2. A warm waterproof jacket

The UK is known for having 4 seasons in one day, so best to take a warm waterproof jacket with you. This will also come in handy if your car breaks down.

Layering your clothes is always best so that if the sun shines you can peel off a layer like a micro fleece top.  But if it starts to rain a waterproof layer, such as a waterproof mac in a sac can be put on.

3. Pack some snacks

Before setting off, don’t forget to stock up on some tasty snacks for the journey.  Picnicking is a great way to split up a long journey, especially if there are no shops for a while or if you break down. Remember a flask of water to keep you hydrated and a cool box could come in handy, nothing more refreshing than a cool drink or a hot flask of tea.

Road Trip - what to take

4. The perfect travel companion

Going solo or perhaps taking a companion? Make sure you have the best company…whether friends, family or your dog (although remember to pack for your dog too). Plus don’t forget a dog drying coat for your pet to save cleaning the car when you get home!

5. Road Maps and GPS

Yes, we are in the golden age of technology and GPS can be very handy. Not only for giving us directions but they have a range of other features too, such as helping to find the nearest petrol station. However sometimes they have a mind of their own, so keep a hard copy road map in your car, just in case!

6. Be camera ready

This is something you will not want to be without to snap the beautiful views, scenery, to take a selfie or even capture a funny moment.

Not got a camera? Some smartphones are just as good these days for all the potential photo opportunities so there is no need to go out and buy a flashy new camera for the occasion.

7. Phone

Other than the obvious reason, phones can be used for GPS and camera …… don’t forget your car charger tho!

8. Emergency car kit

In case of breakdowns or accidents make sure you have a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tool kit, blanket, warning triangle and reflective jacket. A jack and wheel brace are essential. Perhaps think about getting breakdown cover too, this may seem unimportant until it is too late.

9. Need a hot cuppa?

Don’t forget your trusty thermos… one that actually doesn’t leak! You may also want the Highlander sealed thermal travel mug. This is a double walled 330ml thermal mug that will keep your drinks hot for longer, with a small storage compartment in the lid for tea bags or coffee granules.

equipment buying guides10. The perfect playlist

Whether you are travelling 30 minutes or 9 hours make sure you have a good mix of tunes on the go, especially a few power ballads to burst out! If you leave built up areas and radio reception may be poor (particularly for the older cars) perhaps think about taking some portable speakers with you or a radio transmitter to plug into your Ipod.

11. Sunglasses

These should already be in your car, you simply cannot leave the house without a good pair in summer or winter.

12. Torch

A trusty head torch comes in very handy, especially if you break down.

13. Insect repellent & sun cream

Insect repellent will no doubt be used, especially in the UK…pesky midgies and mozzies.  Midgies tend to come out at dusk especially at lakes and riversides. So make sure you are prepared.

15. Binoculars

How many times have you wished you were able to see something in the distance, perhaps some seals basking on the rocks, or a kestrel flying high a good set of binoculars are essential especially if you are a savvy wildlife spotter.

Added Extras: rubbish bag/car bin, medication, rucksack

Need some inspiration for a road trip?!


  • The Snowdonian Loop Road
  • Wales Coastal Path – Cardiff to Conwy, 186 miles, coast to coast (186 miles)


  • The North Coast 500 (500miles) 5-7 days

Northern Ireland:

  • Northern Ireland’s coastal route (120miles) 3-5 days


  • Southwest England’s Atlantic Highway (135 miles) 4-5 days

For trips abroad (to other European countries) you will require further assistance regarding road trips, check out the RAC website.

For tips on driving with your roof down…check out our blog Open Top Driving in the Countryside!

Safe journey!